Sunday, November 05, 2006

Soft Psych Vol 2

Vol 1 is really great but has no tracklisting and I know I hate to download a bunch of unknowns so...on to Volume 2 because this one had a tracklisting. albeit written on fading fax paper (the roll kind).
I'm sure he wouldn't mind the photo used instead.

side one

I'm With You (2:31) - Jackie DeShannon
Her World Of Sweet Pretend (2:55) - Dave Antrell
Little By Little (2:55) - Tony's Tygers
Patterns (2:15) - Sandy Posey
Now Is Forever (2:40) - Hubbels
You Don't Know What To Do (3:43) - Anders
There he goes (?) (2:39) - Picketty Witch
Since You've Gone (2:39) - Spanky & Our Gang
How Can I Be Sure (3:04) - Anita Kerr Singers
Your World (2:42 ) - Eternity's Children
LIttle Boy (3:09) - Eternity's Children
For Him (2:27) - Tim & Dale
Peaceful (3:11) - Kenny Rankin
I Want To Make Love To You (2:14) - Tokens
We're Together (2:47) - Keith Textor Singers

side two

You'll Come Running Back (2:46) - Bobby Laurel
I Love You Move Each Day (2:12) - Swingin' Six
Love Can Make You Happy (3:21) - Mercy
Blue Revelation (2:23) - Lewis & Clark Expedition
Jody (2:26) - Status Cymbal
January Girl (3:44) - Pipe Dream
The Middle Of The Night (2:57) - Pipe Dream
Gone Forever (3:41) - Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77
Song Of Winter (3:07) - Francoise Hardy
Love Affair (4:04) - Association
Silly Girl (2:25) - Gary Lewis
Jill (2:20) - Gary Lewis
In Her Mind (3:47) - Eclection
What's That Got To Do With Me? (3:19) - Chad Mitchell

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Pop-Sike tape two

Here's the second installment from the Psychedelic Archives series mentioned below. Again, at this point some stuff may have been comped elsewhere, some may not.

side one

side two

btw, the Roger Bunn cut is particularly great and if anyone has a copy...(hint hint)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Beat Music Vol. 1

There was a series of cassettes that an unnamed record collector put together in the early to mid 90's called The Psychedelic Archives (clever eh?). Well, what he lacked in creative titles he had in records and music taste.

Consisting of multiple volumes broken up by genre - UK Psych, Dutch Rock, Country Rock, Pop-Sike, etc... I forget how many there were total but some had multiple tapes devoted to them (upcoming Pop-Sike one is tape #2, have yet to locate #1) and at one time the archives here probably had them all, but they were so good they would get pulled out for road trips, loaned to those in need, or like cassettes tend to do, they just broke. Thankfully there's quite a few of them left here and I'm making my way through transferring them.

Not as easy as it should be as, like most of us who loved making cuts tapes, the goal of having no dead air between trax was something we were all striving towards and this guy did a pretty good job. Tracks are split up on this though (no complaining if there's a bleed somewhere!) so you can toss if you've better sounding duplicates.

So we'll start with the Beat Music Vol. 1 for no other reason than I had such a great time listening through it when I ripped it. Tony Jackson, Unit 4+2, Merseys and the Four Just Men (pre-Wimple Witch) ... There's maybe four duff tracks on the whole thing (The Fabs being one of them, jeez how I hate that song) but then I prefer my white people with guitars to be dosed so... Of course, some or lots may be familiar by now but when these tapes were made they weren't widely available on a billion niche sixties comp cds.

Anyway 42 tracks in all - one unlisted surprise and a similar mystery track - if you know who it is put it in the comments and win a prize (not really).

side one

side two

Friday, October 13, 2006

Aidan Nolan

Couldn't find much info about this one, singer songwriter with some nice acid flourishes. Some acoustic, some full band backing. Especially digging "Spaceman", "Wait Until I Get Me Some Money", "Q", and "Down Again".

Anyone who'd like to fill in some blanks please do.

** update: [Copperfield CF 30003] LP 1974 Aidan (aka Fred) Nolan was the former lead singer of Brisbane band Daisy Roots...and he's been in touch and there's a possible re-issue in the works. Will be great to hear this album remastered.

Spaceman (3:59)
One Out On A Limb (2:24)
Till I Get Me Some Money (4:14)
Thursday (2:48)
Wastin' My Time (2:57)
Melanie Moonbeam (3:32)
Can't Go On Like This (3:10)
Rock You (2:44)
Laughing (1:44)
Sweet Soft Summer Sound (3:02)
Q (2:59)
Down Again (2:45)

Buy it now for $0.00

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Canadian 45s

Psych, garage, and beat with fuzz...

Smiling Fence Posts (2:18) - Shaggs
Dr. Feelgood (2:48) - Shaggs
Good Natured Emma (3:50) - Orbits
Moses (1:41) - Novarros
You're Like All The Rest (1:48) - Tinkers
Meditation (3:56) - Cave Dwellars
Crazy Thinngs (2:52) - Quid
Mersey Side (2:14) - Quid
I'll Come Again (2:02) - Legends
Ghost Power (2:53) - Chords
Bulldog Cadillac (1:49) - Visions
As Times Gone (2:07) - Tropics
Peach Fuzz Forest (3:48) - Crystal Garden
Only Human (2:15) - Tuesday's Club
You Weren't Using Your Head (1:53) - Robin Roberts
Your Goose Is Cooked (2:01) - Jokes
Goin' Home (2:07) - Opus Five

another good Canadian comp here and while you're there scroll down for many other items of interests whose links are still active.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

some of Kirby's 7"s

Some really really outstanding cuts on this cassette (inhale). Some flowery (I keep playing the Oracle, Bhagavad Gita/National Gallery, MC2 and Endel St. Cloud tracks over and over especially), some with a "real people" vibe (Captain Groovy, Chosen Few, UGE), some garage psych (Abstract Sound's take on the 96's Tear's riff) and some proto-acid rock (Brass Toad)...some period lyrics, some tambourines, some organs and lots and lots of guitars with some phazers and wha wha and fuzz tones that'll make your flesh melt into a pool at your feet... (exhale)...I suppose at this point some 15 years since this tape was made there's been some comped and some not but then at this point in the evening I don't really care...
all's I know is some are really awesome and some are just awe / some .

Blacked Out Mind 2:23 - Abstract Sound
I'm Trying 2:37 - Abstract Sound
Backstreet Thoughts (1) 2:15 - American Zoo
Backstreet Thoughts (2) 0:23 - American Zoo
Long Hair Soulful 3:43 - Bhagavad Gita (National Gallery)
In The Back Of My Mind 2:57 - Brass Toad
Dark Part Of My Mind 3:15 - Captain Groovy
Synthetic Men 2:36 - Chosen Few
World On Fire 2:40 - Crystal Rein
You And Me 3:39 - Crystal Rein
Don't Make Me Cry 2:31 - Cucumber
Tell Me One More Time 2:50 - Endel St. Cloud
Sombody Listen 4:47 - Euphone
Token For My Mind 3:07 - Fringe
Third Eye 2:12 - Joint Effort
Trouble In The Streets 1:52 - Lost Ones
Smiling (Reprise) 2:41 - MC2
Why Must It Be 2:38 - Mirage
Break Away 2:47 - Next Exit
Sweet Cecelia 3:23 - Nightshades
Don't Say No 3:09 - Oracle
Writing On The Wall 3:50 - Other Side
Prune Growing In June 2:17 - Oxpetals
Out Of Breath 2:07 - Peanut Gallery
Four Days OF Rain 2:50 - Raggamuffins
Ice And Fire 2:59 - Rooks
Turquoise 2:04 - Rooks
To Understand Mankind 2:17 - Sounds of Tyme
What You Think Is Right 3:03 - Stone Dawn
News 2:25 - Trillium
P.S. 3:11 - Truth
Mad Charles 2:16 - UGE

Link updated. Grab both parts!

All have some clicks and pops here and there, as they should, but are by no means 'beater' copies.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

An apple a day

Released late sixties, early seventies, this album was financed by the Apple Industry to promote...apples. Yes apples, red, green, and gold, bathed in sunshine and so delicious.

The Washington Apples (if they ever existed outside of the studio) seem to be made up of Paific Northwest players and surprisingly there's probably six or seven total keeper tracks on here, incredible batting average considering the imposed subject matter (though they seem to lose that plot on side two). Female vocals and full band backing, some groovy organ throb and horns, a couple of tracks have some ripping guitar solos and all in all a real nice, breezy lite-psych album, the title track of which was always a favorite for cuts tapes.

The last one traded hands a couple years ago for $105

The Washington Apples
Fresh Country Apples LP
(Delicious Records S-2429)
Denon MG-X 100 Metal

Fresh Country Apples (1:53)
Apple Core Baltimore (1:47)
Little Green Apples (4:21)
Colusa County Trees (3:04)
Summertime (3:51)
Blues For J (4:27)
Another Day (4:21)
Sunlight (3:10)
Ode to Cory (6:14)

Janette Marble - vocals
Joe Hadlock - keyboards
Tom Chapman - guitar
David King - bass
Scott Schreckengost - drums

Electric Mushroom Voyage

Hungry (2:25) - 5 PM Event
Conversations (3:00) - A.P. Dangerfield
Just A Little Bit (2:47) - The Act
Hey You (1:40) - Alan Pounds Get Rich
Magician (3:22) - Amazing Friendly Apple
Don't Want That (2:13) Better Days
Carnaby Bobby Jamm (3:23) - Big Bertha
Do You Dream (3:08) - Circus
I'll Find Out (2:15) - Downliner Sect
Day & Night (4:48) - Drag Set
Sacred Loving Sacred (3:12) End
Shades Of Orange (2:48) End
Gypsy Woman (3:26) - Family
Gotta Get Me Someone (2:43) - The Game
Gotta Wait (2:17) - The Game
Elevator (2:05) - Grape Fruit
Major Catastrophe (2:28) - Katch 22
We Are The Moles (2:32) - Moles, The
Horses And Chariots (3:39) - Open Mind
I Still Love Her (1:44) - The Poets
That's The Way It's Got To Be (2:34) - The Poets
I Can Show You (2:39) - Ruperts People
This Bird Has Flown (2:35) - Scociete
Star Gazer (2:59) - Shawn Philips
On Love (3:13) - Spice
10,000 Words In A Cardboard Box (4:38) - Twink
Unknown (0:45) - Unknown
Seek & Find (2:10) - Washington D.C.
Real Lousy Apartment (2:50) - Winston Fombs

Electric Mushroom Voyage

Joe Peace

"'Modern' singer/songwriter album that was recorded in Ohio in 1972, after being a long time on road. Joe Peace was inspirated by Johnny Rivers and his experiences he made on road, when writing his 10 emotional songs for this album, that contains heavy fuzz guitars and powerful voice. This album is underrated in the collectors scene -- but an all time classic. Forced Exposure

Joe Peace